Jackie Chan Adventures Season 01 | Tamil All Episodes Watch Online | The Twelve Talismans in Tamil

Jackie Chan Adventures | The Twelve Talismans | Season 01 | Tamil Dubbed All Episodes Watch Online

Jackie Chan, an archaeologist in this series, gets caught up in a conflict between government agency Section 13 and a criminal syndicate known as "the Dark Hand." Led by Valmont, the Dark Hand is collecting magical talismans to reanimate an ancient dragon-like demon known as Shendu. Jackie also has to keep an eye on his adventurous niece, Jade, who has just flown in from Hong Kong. Jackie Chan, Jade, and his uncle must do all they can to stop evil from obtaining these powerful talismans and must embark on many missions to save the world from evil

Episode 01 - The Dark Hand

Episode 02 - The Power Withi

Episode 03 - The Mask Of El Toro Fuerte

Episode 04 - Enter the Viper

Episode 05 - Shell Game

Episode 06 - Project A, For Astral

Episode 07 - Bullies

Episode 08 - Tough Break

Episode 09 - The Rock

Episode 10 - The Jade Monkey

Episode 11 - The Dog And Piggy Show

Episode 12 - The Tiger And The Pussycat

Episode 13 - Day Of The Dragon

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